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Hello friends...Hope you guys are enjoying my previous posts on XP hacking...Now I will show you how to hack a remote computer and gain access to its hard disk and printer...This technique is called NetBIOS Hacking...NetBIOS stands for Network Basic Input Output System...It was originally developed by IBM and Sytek as an Application Programming Interface (API) for client software to access LAN resources...By default it runs on port 139...Ok, let's start NetBIOS :-)

1. Goto "start" and click "Run"...

2. Type "cmd" and click "Ok"...the Command Prompt will appear...

3. First use "nbtstat" command for manually interact with NetBIOS Over TCP/IP...All the attributes (switches) used with nbtstat command and their usage can be viewed...

Syntax: C:\>nbtstat -n

An intruder could use the output from an nbtstat against your machines to begin gathering information about them...Here is an IP address of remote computer and <20> is nothing but the username of that system...

4. Now in the command prompt use "
net view" command....It is one of the netbios commands to view the shared resources of the remote computer...Syntax: C:\>net view \\

If succeeded a list of HARD-DISK DRIVES and PRINTERS are shown with the massage "The command was completed successfully"...

5. Now use the "
net use" command in the command prompt...This command enables a computer to map a share to its local drive...Syntax: C:\>net use E: \\\C
Syntax: C:\>net use F: \\\Myprint
Syntax: C:\>net use G: \\\SharedDocs

Here E, F AND G are the Network Drive Names that are to be created on your computer to access remote computer’s hard-disk...And C, SharedDocs are the names of remote computer’s hard-disk drives that you want to hack..."Myprint" is the name of remote computer’s printer...

6. After succeeding your computer will give a message that "The command completed successfully"...Now open "My Computer" you will see a new "Hard-Disk drive" (Shared) with the specified name...You can open it and access remote computer’s Hard-Drive...
Note: You can scan your network computers with a network scanner...I personally used Angry IP Scanner...It scans IP addresses and ports as well as has many other features...Download the scanner from HERE and find the live hosts...If you face any problem just post your comment...

Note: If Remote Computer’s Firewall Is Enabled Your Computer Will Not Succeed In Gaining Access To Remote Computer Through Netbios. 

Happy Hacking...Enjoy...
For educational purpose only...Do not misuse it...


  1. hi friend,

    i wan't to back my yahoo ID, can u help me ?
    i forgot my Password and security codes,
    please help my send me mail on add37@ymail.com

  2. @ adingo
    if u don't have the password or the answer security question, then u have only one option left...the secondary email account, where the reset password will be sent...
    so always create a new email account with a secondary account...and don't put the same password in both...

  3. net view \\computername shows system 5 error (Access is denied).
    Should I make the driver of network computer sharing.

  4. The following reasons may cause to the error message:

    1. Time Synchronization problem.
    2. Missing permission to access the remote computer (Share, NTFS, GPO).
    3. Firewall and/or third party product may eliminate connection to the remote computer.
    4. The computer account isn't disable (Or have expired computer account password)or doesn’t exiting in the domain.
    5. Active Directory replication problem may occur.

  5. Resolution:

    1. Verity correct time zone and clock synchronization:


    2. Verity correct permissions on the remote host.

    Tip: A useful that can be used is: (GPResult.exe) Command Line Tool


    3. Open the required ports on the remote computer.

    4. Verity that the computer account is active and the computer connect to the domain.

    Tip: A useful that can be used is: (Netdom.exe)Command Line Tool


    5. Verity correct replication in the Active Directory Replication.


  6. Is any netbios command allow me to see user who opened file?
    I have scenario like U: User's machine, F: File Share, S: Server
    I want to run command from S to know list of files open from F and which user open that if it is opened by U or any other.
    Any option to know that?

  7. Hi Sandip, if you want to secure your file system from the hackers who want to gain access remotely simply configure a firewall in your syatem, block TCP port 139 and stay safe. Even firewalls can detect the remote IP/MAC from where the attack is generated if that is not spoofed.

  8. How big files can you transfer? I had stored big movie files, around 700 MB, someone stole two such files and uploaded to youtube.

  9. I get this error, when i tried nbtstat -n

    Failed to access NetBT driver -- NetBT may not be loaded

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  11. i need to hack a fb id it was hacked

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